I decided to purchase after reading about problems with microorganisms in the body, and how they can effect your body with negatives ways such as fatigue, cloudiness, & etc. I carefully picked out this device after asking Frank million questions. 6 days was all it took for me notice big changes in my over all health ( more energy, calmer, focused, & mental clarity). It helped my body detox all the toxins that have been built up over years. Definitely two thumbs up for me. 

 Chantelle N.

 This is my second purchase for the Supreme Zapper, after I started to see results I got one for my husband as well. We zap together and our results have been amazing! Feeling much better in terms of energy and fatigue. Have had very distinct bowel movements. Thank you Dr.Thompson

 Victor C.

 Wow! I bought the device wanting to kill parasites that were causing my stomach & feet to bloat up. The whole process was made very simple for me by live chat from Frank. I got the Supreme Zapper and started to use right away, I noticed by the 3rd day of zapping, I started to see white specs in my stool. By the end of the second week, my bloating had gone down significantly both in feet and stomach. My digestion had gotten much better. 

 Gary S.

 Supreme Zapper has done wonders! My neuropathic problem SOLVED! The problem was in my right hand and 3 of my fingers. I am diabetic and it has helped me maintain my blood sugar levels! Simply amazing

 Catherine C.

 I recently turned 70 years old, I have been using supreme zapper for about 5 months and I have never felt so energized. This is such an amazing product! Thank you very much Dr.Thompson

 Anthony M.

 I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in March. However, before I get to that my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago and she used Supreme Zapper for her recovery. She was near death and did not know what else to try. When a friend of ours told us about the zapper that you had! Well it was truly amazing to see her come off her deathbed!

 I have been using your zapper for about 10 months now since my stomach cancer news. I could not be feeling any better. Doctors are astonished at how fast I am recovering and how no side effects came my way. Thank you

 Nancy W.

 Wow this device is incredible! My daughter has no need for in inhaler any more! She has not had an asthma attack in years! Even when she does intense physical activity! She used to be so prone to getting sick and that has stopped as well! I could not be happier as a parent!

 Christine H.

 Supreme Zapper is performing flawlessly. I truly believe my system is detoxified. I have never had this much energy, maybe when I was a young kid. I can do things that were not possible before such as going on hikes for 3 miles. AMAZING! I had constant pain in my left knee and that to started to disappear with constant use.

 Bobby M.

 I have just ordered another of your wonderful zapper, as I never want to be without a backup unit. It has done absolute wonders for my HIV symptoms. I feel almost like a new person. Things are starting to turn for the good. I am so happy with your product. I am using your zapper once a day for only a few minutes and I can’t believe the results I have been getting. I will keep you posted with further results and lab tests. Thank you so much for caring. Cheers

 Wayne G.

My brother bought me supreme Zapper to help me with my trips to foreign countries, as I work as an aid worker in many countries where diseases are easily transmitted.  I am so happy for this device and it has worked like magic for me. I contracted malaria at one point and it helped me recover from that very quickly! I am recommending this product to all my co-workers!

  Kaila M.

 Got your zapper a few months ago. It has helped my mother very much. She has come back from pre-cancer in multiple places in her body, a non-functioning gallbladder, and a very bad digestive system. She is doing very well now. Her doctors were going to kill her. For this I am very grateful to you.

 Samantha I.

 The healing power of this zapper is far superior any other mechanical device. I am so surprised and how energetic and mentally aware that I am. I feel like a great amount of stress has been relieved and that I can focus on more day-to-day things. This is truly a master healer and I am so glad that I purchased one.

 Debra A.

 I have been using your zapper for almost 1 hour every day. I am so surprised from the results. Honestly I did not expect the zapper to work but once my Lyme disease started to die down I was astonished. I am now 80% cure from Lyme disease and I could not be more ecstatic. I even started to stop using wet paper towels over the handholds and get great results. I hope that is fine.

 Anne K.

What a great man and great service! My dog had chewed through the wire for one of the handholds and I did not know what to do, most people would want me to buy a new device and at least pay for the shipping and handling for a new device. I told Dr.Thompson about my story and how it saved my life from Lyme’s Disease and how I am a totally new person from this device. He express posted a BRAND new zapper to me. What a amazing human being.

 Myles S.

Wow. I am so impressed with Supreme Zapper and how it has gotten rid of all my toxins. I can tell it has been working because I feel so rejuvenated. The parasites smell like toxic waste in the toilet bowl. I am very grateful that I purchased this zapper! I just wanted to let you know that I will be letting my friends know about it. Take care.

 Simon D.

I was very angry person and had gone to many anger management classes. Nothing worked at all my parents did not know what to do with me and they decided to look into a ‘Healer’ they heard through the grapevine about this device. Anyways I must say it has calmed me down a lot. I don’t have the same level of anger that I used to. I feel like my mind is clear of all bad emotion. I am very glad that my parents decided to give this device a chance.

 Johnny M.

 I used to choke on food very easily and doctors could not figure out why his would happen. They tried many different types of medication on me. Nothing would work, my family and I pretty much gave up. My mom ended up coming across someone that suggested supreme zapper. Within the first week my choking had gone down by 50% another month gone by and I never choked on food again.

 Brad M

 I bought the Supreme Zapper without any footpads at first and had results that I was happy with. Decided to give the footpads a shot and it has really helped with my blood circulation and numbness in my toes. I am very happy that I decided to try the copper pads. 

 Jennifer G.

 I went to many doctors and kept getting told that my condition was in my head and early stages of psoriasis. Refused to believe that and did my own research. It seemed like I had started to develop morgellons; which is skin sores and terrible itching. I reached out to Chris in order to see what he can offer me. He created a CUSTOM zapper with a 70 percent duty cycle and more magnets in the handholds to help eliminate the symptoms I was having. Truly grateful. I have been itch free since.

 Justine L.

 Recently have been feeling very sluggish, down and just not my self. Decided I was going to change that and came across supreme zapper. Started off short zapping cycles and progressed as the days went by. I started to feel better and better as the days went by. By the last day of the month, I was waking up at 5:30 am without any issues and having only 4 hours of sleep but still feeling totally refreshed. I started to become my old self again, full of energy and drive once again! Thanks Dr.Thompson!

Dennis T.



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