Supreme Parasite Zapper

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Supreme Zapper Technology™ is the safest and most effective way of zapping your body of all parasites. Zapping made easy, sit back in a comfortable setting and hold the handles and allow Supreme Zapper™ to:

Available Worldwide

Specs: 528 Hz, 5V Output, Magnetic Therapy, Copper, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, 99% Duty Cycle


1. A phenomenal parasite killer that reaches deep to kill any harmful parasites, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi in our body.

2. One of the best tooth zappers on the market! Are your tired of costly dentist bills or a toothache that just won’t go away? This zapper has made hundreds worry free about their teeth, no more tooth aches!

3. With the help of my team, we have found a way to include Dr. Bob Beck’s blood purifier technology to this wonderful zapper. Purify your blood without the electric shock.

4. The amplified rare earth neodymium Biomagnets are wrapped in a electromagnetic coil, which provides a static magnetic field that provides superior magnetic therapy for the body.

5. Both Copper handholds have a mix of Clear Quartz crystals, Carnelian Quartz crystals, & Citrine Quartz crystals. The crystals are placed around the electromagnetic coil and the powerful Biomagnets placed in the middle. The mix of the three Quartz crystals and Biomagnets provide superior healing and protection for the body.

6. Supreme Zapper Technology™ uses a frequency never seen before on any parasite zapper. The phenomenal frequency is 528Hz, which has been consistent with the patterns of the universe. We found all microorganisms and parasites are destroyed in SECONDS with this unique frequency.

2 reviews for Supreme Parasite Zapper

  1. Samantha Nguyen

    Love my supreme zapper. Really has started to change my day to day energy levels.

  2. offeriapolley

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